Hello to everyone, maybe a good time to say hello.

I havent written a long time in my blog, so maybe you wanna hear some news about me.

I just finsihed my birthday drama, which is with me every year. I dont like to get older. I feel every day like starting the world new.

I feel like 16 years old inside, shy, full of fear und jealous . With big eyes whatching in the world.

But with age its always the look from outside at me. „Oh he´s so old . 51 years old, is he still working or in the pension, or maybe he´s already dead“

I had something like a break in filming, but i am not dead.

I had some struggles with my partnership which will end up in divorce and my cooking show „Goersch´s Genießer Buffet“ took a lot a time, because of its success.

Another But:

But i will be back in filmbizz again:

Again with Malga Kubiak in the movie : „Bloody“ , I am looking forward to.

There will be two series, a short movie and I guess 2 more feature films this years were I will play in.

I guess you will stay with me on this way.

I will chance my place here in here Germany and I am looking right now for a appartment. Wish me luck for this.

For all folks out there from filmbizz. If you need me for your project as an actor I ll be with you..

And please get in touch with me in facebook . Look here for my project list


All the best to you.

Why I am writing this in english ? There are more friends interested in me outside Germany , than here