Time to say Hello

I haven´t written here in my blog for a longer time.

I thought that I had to get clear with my thinking about my work for the movie business before.

So I am back in business.

I am on the cover of a forthcoming book about „Dr. Alois Alzheimer“ and hopefully the book woill be soon realized as a movie. Author: Jörn Precht, which is a good friend of mine.

Yesterday I was playing in a short movie called „Monopoly“. Directed by Theo Dassler, which was great fun. My part was the american president. I played him in some kind of mixture of Crazy Trump and JR Ewing from the Dallas Show. I loved the charater, so I guess I was quite good.to be released in December 2016

On friday there will be the release of the MusicClip „Keine Maschine“ from Tim Bendzko, where I played a part in. I will post a link on my facebook Site.

I will also play in a camero apperance in „Forest of Fear“ from Joe Beer in October.

And I hope the american movies „The Profane Exhibit“ and „Boogeyman : Reincarnation“ will have their release later this year. These were morking cooperations with Marian Dora and Ulli Lommel.

I hope that these films will be seen a lot, so that director will think of me by new casting possibilitys.

I am looking forward to new parts.Get in touch. I want to play more.

I am back in business.