687Hey my friends out there. Life is going on in big steps.

The Movie „Boogeyman – Reincarnation“ from Ulli Lommel is on the way for its trailer release and the movie „The Curse of the white woman“ is quite ready and on the way.

The movie „Sequioia“ had its DVD release and I was asked to play in a movie with an international cast to play with.

But the biggest work is on my movie „Der Wind der Ferne / The windes of distance“ a feature film with such a great cast. I love everyone of them.

Nataliya Gurevich I met this week from Usbekistan is such a great new contact. I loved her in the first view.
And I fall in love with my actors from Der Wind der Ferne.Mustafa and Ruben. They are breathtaking and like I love them to be.

Stay in touch. Dont be shy to contact me- Hugs from Germany Thomas