A good time to say Hello

Hello to everyone, maybe a good time to say hello.

I havent written a long time in my blog, so maybe you wanna hear some news about me.

I just finsihed my birthday drama, which is with me every year. I dont like to get older. I feel every day like starting the world new.

I feel like 16 years old inside, shy, full of fear und jealous . With big eyes whatching in the world.

But with age its always the look from outside at me. „Oh he´s so old . 51 years old, is he still working or in the pension, or maybe he´s already dead“

I had something like a break in filming, but i am not dead.

I had some struggles with my partnership which will end up in divorce and my cooking show „Goersch´s Genießer Buffet“ took a lot a time, because of its success.

Another But:

But i will be back in filmbizz again:

Again with Malga Kubiak in the movie : „Bloody“ , I am looking forward to.

There will be two series, a short movie and I guess 2 more feature films this years were I will play in.

I guess you will stay with me on this way.

I will chance my place here in here Germany and I am looking right now for a appartment. Wish me luck for this.

For all folks out there from filmbizz. If you need me for your project as an actor I ll be with you..

And please get in touch with me in facebook . Look here for my project list


All the best to you.

Why I am writing this in english ? There are more friends interested in me outside Germany , than here


Hello Again

Its a long time ago since I wrote something here in my blog.

Life was difficult in the last two years. I guess the people had a little bit too much of my person.

Life is showing new ways and for sure I quitted my job as director, because I am to old to fight for project for years and years. I  love my job as an actor, changing my charaters and finding new inspiration every week new.

It was a big surspise that my cooking show is such a huge success, but I want to be an actor and so I am going on to develop new projects .

Hopefully you ll like it.

Please stay in touch. Love you Thomas


Oh , so much feelings

I waited so much time until posing a new blog here on wordpress.

I did so much things in my life and I tought : „What could be the real way for me to follow ?“.

Oh so much things I did. My work with Marian Dora, the whole world recognized this work.

My work as host of „Goerschs Genießer Buffet“ on German Shopping TV. The people love it and it was great to present real quality.

7 years radio, 200 movies, so much commercial in pictures and film.

What a strange life.

And after all –  I am only the normal guy –  earned almost nothing and no celebrety .

Some kind of funny noone looking for a better life.

I will post here if there is really something new to report.

Stay cool

Back in business

Time to say Hello

I haven´t written here in my blog for a longer time.

I thought that I had to get clear with my thinking about my work for the movie business before.

So I am back in business.

I am on the cover of a forthcoming book about „Dr. Alois Alzheimer“ and hopefully the book woill be soon realized as a movie. Author: Jörn Precht, which is a good friend of mine.

Yesterday I was playing in a short movie called „Monopoly“. Directed by Theo Dassler, which was great fun. My part was the american president. I played him in some kind of mixture of Crazy Trump and JR Ewing from the Dallas Show. I loved the charater, so I guess I was quite good.to be released in December 2016

On friday there will be the release of the MusicClip „Keine Maschine“ from Tim Bendzko, where I played a part in. I will post a link on my facebook Site.

I will also play in a camero apperance in „Forest of Fear“ from Joe Beer in October.

And I hope the american movies „The Profane Exhibit“ and „Boogeyman : Reincarnation“ will have their release later this year. These were morking cooperations with Marian Dora and Ulli Lommel.

I hope that these films will be seen a lot, so that director will think of me by new casting possibilitys.

I am looking forward to new parts.Get in touch. I want to play more.

I am back in business.


50. Birthday to come and fuck off 50.Birthday

So one weeks to go to my next movie „Living in a Box“ were I am playing a strange movie director forcing his actors to play naked parts.

A full improved movie. Reminding me of my Carl Andersen times 15 years ago. I guess these moveies are more than great for an actor and for the audience. Stay in touch with the project on facebook. Look for „Living in a box“ and like my new project and feature movie.

On my way

Hey together,

this is me the almost 50 years old actor from Germany.

Maybe I am a joke, some of  those bitter jokes you know.

Some kind of : He was always dreaming to be an actor recognized from someone.

I know I am good and able to get the people when they are looking a movie.

A casting director said to me years ago:“Thomas, your are not a suporting actor, cause everyone is expecting, when you come in the room, that something new is happening.“

So I am still waiting for the chance a director is remining, that I am the actor to happen something.

With my birthday I will start to promote myself . I dont like this selfpromotion, but there is nothing to loose.

Hugs, Kisses and more if you like





Sometimes its not funny

OK, sometimes it is not funny.

Some write to you, that you are the biggest actor on earth an next time there is noone to realize, that you are the perfect guy for a part in his movie.

I dont believe to be the biggest actor on earth, but for sure its diffucult to get a part when you are not 29 years old anymore.

I am always looking to work international, but I have to earn my rent.

So I know there are some guys planing with me for thier projects, but get me a sign to show that it is worth waitung for.

Best Thomas

It´s me again

it was a little bit quiet around me.

i was sick to be international known only for to be the actor out of the marian dora movies. everyone was asking me for Marian, but not for me. Which hurts after 200 movies I have played for.

I am on my way as an actor and director with drama movies about depression, rasicm and diversity.

I hope you will be more intersted in me than in my work with Marian.

There are so many things I have done in international productions and I will do more and more.#

Best Thomas


Kampfansage 2016

Zu Sylvester werden immer tausende von Vorsätze geboren, die dann genau wie der Weihnachtsbaum zum 06.Januar wieder zu Grabe getragen werden.

Ich habe mir für 2016 eine Kampfansage gegeben.

Wer mich etwas verfolgt hat in den letzten 2 Jahren, der weis welch apokalyptische Ausmaße mein Leben angenommen hatte. Und wenn Sylvester etwas bewirkt hat, dann, dass das Jammern über diese Zeit ein Ende gefunden hat.

Obwohl ich nicht immer durch Stärke glänzen konnte, bin ich stolz auch Schwächen präsentieren zu können. Wie oft wurde ich gewarnt nie Schwäche zu zeigen, um nicht mir und meiner Karriere zu schaden.

Aber wie doch jeder dumme Spruch hat auch diese Redeweise seinen Sinn: „Was Dich nicht umbringt, macht Dich nur stärker“

Und upps, was muss ich jetzt stark sein.

Ich werde dieses Jahr meine Projekte:

„Das kleine Fenster Glück“ , „Der Wind der Ferne“ und „Vielfalt – Just go on together“

mehr als nur vorantreiben.

Jeden Tag werden ich Baustein für Baustein an jedem Projekt ergänzen . Hilfe suchen und annehmen .

Ich habe in den letzten 2 Jahren erlebt, dass es tausend Gründe gibt, dass Filme blockiert, verzögert und vertagt werden müssen.

Man ist von so vielen Puzzlesteinen abhängig, dass es eindeutig besser ist gleichzeitig an verschiedenen Aufgaben zu arbeiten, denn in den Wartezeiten, der einzelnen Projekten entsteht sonst Leerlauf, den keiner brauch.

Ich werde dieser neue Wege gehen und in Richtung Management mich orientieren. Mit Manoush habe ich eine erste Klientin und ich werden schauen, was ich noch anderen Klienten zu bieten habe. Auch hier steht eine besondere Idee dahinter, die ich hier nicht niederschreibe, bevor ich sie verwirklicht habe und nicht kopiert werden kann.

Ich werde für all meine Unternehmungen Menschen brauchen und versuchen mit den neuen Partner erfolgreich ins Ziel zu gehen.

Erfolg : Ich mag dieses Wort nicht. Dahinter verstehen die meisten Menschen, dass ein Erfolgsmensch skrupellos auf Kosten anderer seine egoistischen Ziele vorantreibt.

Ich will darunter verstehen: Zusammen mit Menschen Ideale zu verwirklichen, die jedem Beteiligten Glück bringen und auch einen Schritt voranbringen.

Das klingt nach Weltverbesserer, aber wenn kreative Arbeiten die Welt verbessern, dann bin ich wohl Weltverbesser.

So jetzt wurde der Text zu lang und der letzte Leser hat die Mitteilung verlassen.

Das jahr kann kommen.

Begleitet mich in meinen Ideen und Wegen.